PUBLISHED: 16:39 26 August 2016 | UPDATED: 10:09 01 September 2016

Andy Cooper. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref dl 1069-51-13AW

Andy Cooper. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref dl 1069-51-13AW


Andy Cooper tells us about his journey into journalism

In the intervening years there have been times when I regretted not stopping off on a further three-year sojourn with academia but, if I am being brutally honest, they were more wistful thoughts about the time I could have spent socialising than anything actually connected with studying. I think that answers the question on whether I missed out by not going.

The lack of a degree qualification has not, however, dimmed my admiration for the venerable institutions we call universities. Far from it. I absolutely see the value in a university education for as many people as it suits. Aside from the academic, social and cultural impact it has on the individual, similar influences it has on the wider community are not to be overlooked, particularly economic.

I thought of this as I pondered Exeter University’s diamond jubilee – marked this year and celebrated in the pages of this issue. Those 60 years of development for the university could almost be seen to mirror the rise of the city itself and surely that is no coincidence?

As ‘brand Exeter’ has grown in stature and influence so has the university. Or is it the other way round? Certainly, the university’s part in the growth of Exeter is undeniable and we are now in a position to celebrate being home to a world-leading institution in this county.

Hats (or mortar boards) off then to all those who have played a part in the growth of Exeter University. Those t-shirts of yore which used to cheekily proclaim it was ‘probably the best university in the world’ are now closer to the truth than their originators probably ever dreamed of.

Until next time…and enjoy the magazine.

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