Meet the seller – Helyne Jennings from EcoBoho

PUBLISHED: 12:52 09 March 2015 | UPDATED: 16:22 13 April 2015

Helyne at work in her studio.

Helyne at work in her studio.


EcoBoho is a four-person collective of artists, jewellery designers and a sculptor - we spoke to one of the creators, Helyne Jennings, to find out the inspiration behind an environmentally friendly brand

Multicoloured laminated paper brooch by Helyne Jennings.Multicoloured laminated paper brooch by Helyne Jennings.

How did EcoBoho come about?

Myself and Trish had reached a crossroads in our careers when work we’d been committed to with commissions and lecturing had come to it’s natural end, also some of the younger generation that we are involved with were trying to get their careers started. In order to offer each other a supportive network we thought it would benefit all concerned to pool our resources and ideas, help share costs and time organizing events, shows and craft fairs. As individuals we all have a strong affinity and affection for our environment feeling very lucky to live in the beautiful countryside of North Devon. We re-use and recycle materials wherever possible with this ethos in mind, hence the title EcoBoho.

Talk us through your range of products.

Between us we seem to practically cover most things from jewellery to home accessories. I make recycled laminated paper jewellery and paper and textile wall pieces from recycled thread, fabric and paper. Trish Mohan has created a range of elaborate neckpieces fashioned from recycled beads and up-cycled clothing, handmade mirrors, picture frames and feather head dresses. Elise Jennings has designed her individual collection of tin earrings made from discarded drinks cans alongside her colourful bohemian felt vessels. Trevor Jennings is a sculptor and jeweler, whose work involves sawing up old oil drums to create his unique wall pieces and sculptures.

Trish Mohan in the studio.Trish Mohan in the studio.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Speaking for the older generation much of our inspiration has come from extensive travel. From ancient Egypt, Europe, the Far East Asia and Australasia – and now, from living betwixt the moors in Devon and the ever-changing landscapes.

Can you describe your workspace?

I have a purpose built timber and galvanized tin studio at the top of the garden that looks out onto treetops and hilltops, with a cantilevered deck over my woodland garden. Trevor and Elise work in a studio in their house, as does Trish, that overlook woodland and moorland.

The 'gold nugget ring' by Trevor Jennings.The 'gold nugget ring' by Trevor Jennings.

What’s a typical work day like for you?

Well, as we all work from home being creative has to fit in between household chores, dog walking and office work, so it can be a very varied day and sometimes frustrating not to be able to be in our studios as much as we’d like. We also have other projects that we work together on that involve running children’s workshops and workshops with the elderly. These take place throughout the year and require discussions and program planning. I also teach at West Dean College, near Chichester, from time to time and Trish works for the Landmark Trust in traditional painterly restoration and The Roman Baths Museum Bath with scenic decoration. Depending on the season, we are all involved in selling at craft fairs and have a network of applied art galleries that we supply nationally.

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Samples of Helyne’s commissioned work can be seen at

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