WESC Foundation encourage support through Wills

PUBLISHED: 15:55 25 October 2013

Daryl, one of WESC's students

Daryl, one of WESC's students


Between 60 and 70 per cent of people in the UK don’t have a Will. Whatever the reason, whether an assumption that those left behind know how we would have wanted our affairs to be dealt with or the belief that there’s plenty of time to sort things out later, the fact is that if you die without making a Will, rules of intestacy are used to decide who gets your assets. These rules don’t recognise boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés or cohabiting partners, and can often deliver unsatisfactory results.

Every year, tens of millions of pounds go to the Treasury from people who die intestate. Another consequence is that the rules do not include leaving anything to your close friends, let alone your favourite charities.

Although 74 per cent of the population regularly support a charity, only 7 per cent include a gift to a charity in their Will. And legacies are a major source of fundraising for many charities, especially in these difficult economic times.

“Charities need your help now more than ever,” says Andrew Armstrong, WESC Foundation’s Legacy Fundraiser. “The WESC Foundation was established 175 years ago in Exeter and provides specialist education, care and therapy for children and young people with sight loss and complex needs from across the UK. We provide independent living skills, mobility training, an outreach service (to over 300 children, young people and adults in the South West) and a social enterprise, all of which encourages each young person to be as independent and confident as possible, whatever their ability.

“Legacies from supporters have helped the WESC Foundation provide so much for the children and young people in our care, including the building of our second ‘transition’ house, ensuring that our students are afforded the best chance at independence. Whether you are able to leave £100 or £100,000, your legacy can help transform lives and will be a lasting testament to your generosity.”

WESC Foundation run a Free Wills Scheme for people aged 55 and over. They would be delighted to put you in touch with a list of their reputable solicitors who are taking part in this scheme and they will create a professional, thorough Will for you to ensure your wishes are carried out.

To find out how your Will can change lives, contact Andrew Armstrong, on 01392 454336, email aarmstrong@wescfoundation.ac.uk or visit www.wescfoundation.ac.uk

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