Torrington dog shelter K9focus are aiming to help Devon’s neglected pups

PUBLISHED: 10:27 22 August 2013 | UPDATED: 10:27 22 August 2013

K9focus volunteer Shelley Buswell's daughter Libby with their two foster dogs, Tiggy and Alfie

K9focus volunteer Shelley Buswell's daughter Libby with their two foster dogs, Tiggy and Alfie


The rescue centre has successfully re-homed over 200 dogs in just three years

Three years ago K9focus, a dog rescue and re-homing centre in Torrington, Devon, was founded by local business woman Lynne Hall. Fast-forward to the present day and they have successfully re-homed over 200 dogs.

“I set up the charity as I have always loved dogs – when I was a child the only thing I wanted to be was a vet,” Lynne explains. “I decided to form K9focus because, having adopted several rescue dogs myself, I realised that many dogs were being put to sleep simply because not enough people were aware of their plight. I felt I could do something to increase public awareness and get many more dogs into loving environments.”

One dog that has been re-homed with a caring family is Jack, a German shepherd who had been found tied up and nearly starved to death. Lynne nursed him back to health in her home with the aid of her family and he has never left.

“Running a rescue and my own business doesn’t leave much free time for my husband or myself, but each time I save a dog from being put to sleep and see it happily settled in a new home it makes it so worthwhile. My husband Nick is very supportive - even though ironically he is allergic to dogs!”

Unfortunately, many rescue centres like K9 are closing in the current poor economic climate, leaving more dogs than ever left to fend for themselves. However Lynne is adamant that this will not happen to K9focus, and is determined to rescue as many of Devon’s neglected dogs as possible.

“It’s a delight to see each wagging tail leaving the kennels and going to start a new life. We have seen some pitiful dogs come into our care – some as the result of ignorant neglect and some blatant cruelty – so it’s great to find them a new home.”

But, unfortunately, K9focus do not have the facilities to take in every dog that needs their help. The charity regrettably have to turn away between three and five dogs every day.

“Most people do not realise that rescues such as K9focus are run entirely by volunteers who give their time freely and have no official funding.”

The re-homing centre has recently launchs PAWs (Pet Awareness Workshops), which aim to raise public awareness about responsible ownership. They hope that this will lead to fewer dogs being poorly treated, meaning there will be fewer dogs they have to turn away.

If you would like find out more about any of the other dogs searching for their ‘pawfect’ home at K9focus, visit

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