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PUBLISHED: 16:14 22 July 2011 | UPDATED: 18:55 20 February 2013



Judi Spiers considers suspenders, food from Lilliput and faraway ducks

Judi Spiers considers suspenders, food from Lilliput and faraway ducks

If I never see another mini steak and kidney/chicken pie/Yorkshire pudding/fish n chips or breaded prawns again, itll be too soon! The times Ive burned the roof of my mouth on a filo pastry pochette concealing brie and cranberry sauce heated to the temperature of molten lava! Whats wrong with a good old cheese and pineapple hedgehog? Who is the Gulliver responsible for all those blessed Lilliputian delights we end up buying 4 for the price of 3 at Christmas anyway? Well, theyve gone now because Ive got a new


But it has been sitting accusingly in the corner of the kitchen like a black Tardis for three weeks now. I say accusingly because its empty. Ive suddenly become Mrs Cautious. Im told its an age thing. Having been plumbed and plugged in, I didnt like to transfer my half empty jars and bowls of old chicken fat into it just in case it went wrong!


We were playing our guess the mystery voice on the radio and when I was introduced to the next caller, Pat, she was laughing, and I asked why. She replied that the previous caller had incorrectly identified the voice as Hannah Waterman, and that was her daughter! She was the actress Patricia Maynard, at one time married to Dennis Waterman. Now come on, can you beat that? Im also partial to bit of...


And it appears that as I get older, I remember less of the important stuff but seem to be a magnet for it. But lets face it, it is so much more entertaining throwing into the conversation that anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world there is a duck watching you, than the date of the battle of Crecy! Ooh, Im on a roll now. Got another lovely little bit for you regarding.


Who can resist flying around the room, arms horizontal, singing Im walking in the air when we hear those two words? But did you know that the song started its life on a beach in Cornwall? Feeling the pressure of work, Howard Blake, the composer, went down to Perranporth, and while walking along the beach the tune came to him. He wrote it down and never knew what to do with it until 11 years later when he was asked what he thought of an animated film that became The Snowman!


I recently chatted to Sir Patrick about playing Macbeth on stage and in a new BBC film, and was expecting a very worthy and rather reverential conversation about the Scottish play. It was so refreshing when he revealed that hed love nothing more than to play an Ugly Sister in panto with his old X-Men adversary Sir Ian McKellen! Which brings me nicely to...


Apparently due to the film Burlesque, there has been a surge of interest in suspenders and stockings. If the response to the subject on my radio programme was anything to go on, yes but by men! One such was R of Appledore who told me that during his misspent youth in Plymouth the part of a girls leg between the top of her stocking and the suspender was called the giggle area because if you got that far you were larfin! Lets be honest, ladies, no matter how alluring we once looked in them, with this country suffering from the worst winter for 300 years, nothing beats a double gusset and good pair of harvest festivals (all is safely gathered in)!


One freezing afternoon a delivery van turned up. As I had just got out of the shower, I asked my husband to sign for the package. This should have taken at the very most two minutes. Ten minutes later he came in with a youll never believe what just happened look on his face. Apparently the delivery driver was not due to be at my house until 3 oclock, and he arrived at ten to, which meant that his hand-held electronic notepad would not allow him to get a signature until the correct time slot! Gosh, what advances weve made all that and miniature food!

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