Myriam Prual - Medium Art Exhibition at The Cafe in Topsham

PUBLISHED: 16:22 07 May 2014

Les Sirenes

Les Sirenes


An exhibition of Myriam’s art work is currently being held at The Café, in Topsham for the month of May. Her artwork is uniquely created by automatic drawing inspired by spiritual and emotional guidance

Myriam CafeMyriam Cafe

Myriam Prual, lives with her partner and 6 year old daughter in Topsham. She was born in Normandy and is a qualified reflexologist who believes in emotional colour therapy to promote positivity in wellbeing.

To date, Myriam, who started drawing and painting a year ago has completed 2000+ pieces of art work. Her inspiration for this phenomenon was through her lifelong friend and confident, Michel Kirilloff, a Russian composer, who became her spiritual guide after his sudden untimely death, a year ago, in Normandy.

The Imperial SwanThe Imperial Swan

“I have an intimate connection with the spirit world when I draw in an automatic style. This developed after the death of my lifelong friend, Michel, last year.

My Medium artwork is the result of his spiritual and emotional guidance, thus enabling me to receive an intimate connection with the spirit world through my artwork which expresses Love, since the power of love knows no boundaries. Humour and nature are also very apparent in my work.

Automaticism absorbs the light and form from the spiritual world guiding and producing my resultant artwork.

Love is stronger than death and the After World/ Life is closer than we imagine as my drawings are packed with symbolism and messages that are there to be shared.

I hope you enjoy seeing my exhibition in the Café in Topsham during the month of May.”

Automatic drawing and painting is encouraged by well-known artists but specifically the Surrealists, Action Painters and Psychic Artists.

This method of producing images is spontaneous artwork without prior knowledge or preconceived ideas.

Myriam works through the spiritual world to release her inner drawings in this automatic manner which is called Medium/Spirit Art.

Some of her creative spiritual portraits include Angels, Lawrence of Arabia, and Alexander Dumas’ father which are all in the Café exhibition.

Bespoke portraits can be produced for individuals through this spiritual automaticism connection, which Myriam demonstrates in her artwork.

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