Made in Devon

PUBLISHED: 11:33 10 January 2014 | UPDATED: 11:33 10 January 2014


This month we meet Torquay-based designer Becky Bettesworth who has been creating 1930s-inspired pieces that celebrate the towns of Devon

Working from her home studio in Torquay, Becky Bettesworth’s wonderfully evocative designs bring back a golden age of travel and tourism.

“I started this style of work, because I love the original posters from the 1930s, they are so stylish and beautiful, where the world seems so charming and unspoilt; the days before technology where the pace of life seems slower, enchanted and charming, almost Hollywood-like and idealistic,” she says. “Maybe that’s why my images seem to be popular, as they are reminiscent of a bygone era, but they are contemporary, fresh and current for today. We all need to be reminded to slow down and see the beauty around us, and I hope that’s exactly what my pictures can do

Trained in graphic design, Becky taught herself to use Photoshop to for her work which is created in layers on computer based on her sketches and drawings.

“I hated computers before,” she admits. “I was a bit of a purist using a pencil and paintbrush, but I knew that this was the best way to create these images and the effect and overall finish that I wanted.

“My background in graphic design certainly comes through and I do like my images to be neat and just so, each shape or mark is there for a reason and it is very calculated and precise,” she adds.

It’s no surprise her work is attracting attention and has now been picked up by a major greetings card company. “I knew this style of work would lend itself so perfectly, so that’s what I set about doing and then it has just started to blossom and grow, which I am thrilled about. I adore doing these images and I’m excited to see my portfolio grow. It’s important to me that people like what I do, so I am thrilled that the response is so positive.”

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