Devon man releases self help e-book

PUBLISHED: 12:23 26 November 2013 | UPDATED: 12:23 26 November 2013

Local author 'Tony Moores'

Local author 'Tony Moores'


A local man has released a self help e-book as part of a new project.

The writer, who publishes under the name Tony Moores, has recently released his e-book ‘A way to a lighter heart’ following a lifetime of personal struggle.

Moores, who has lived in Devon for 40 years, began the Headroom Project as a way to help himself stay on track and as a response to a realisation that there weren’t many texts available on the subject of self help which were written by those who have experienced it.

The project originally started as an app written by Moores. The app randomly generates affirmations and motivational quotes to help inspire users.

Since then, Moores has launched a website, and most recently an e-book. He wanted techniques and a code which he could rely on, and that worked every time for him.

Inspired by Dr Susan Jeffers ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’, Moores decided to do a degree with the Open University and continued to discover various self help books.

He then worked out how to codify everything he learnt, and from that he developed his own methods featured in ‘A way to a lighter heart’. The book is based on achieving a grounded reality, then building plans from that standpoint.

Tony Moore’s e-book is available from his website for £4.79 here.

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