D'art Gallery's Autumn exhibition 20 November

PUBLISHED: 10:53 13 October 2010 | UPDATED: 17:57 20 February 2013

D'art Gallery's Autumn exhibition this year features Stewart Edmondson a leading gallery artist

D'art Gallery's Autumn exhibition this year features Stewart Edmondson, a leading gallery artist. Stewart has a growing reputation for his energetic paintings representing the area around Dartmoor. His favourite subjects are found on the moors, by the riverside and overlooking the south Devon coast.

His interpretation conveys both the visual impact and the emotional energy of these land and seascapes.

He says "the followingpoem and the way of it, has been with me for many of these paintings. And these paintings belong in this world - the world of heather and gorse and massive sky above Widecombe Vale, the grand moor beyond, down the Dart valley shrouded by magnificent oaks...and down to the South Devon coast and its epic, rugged wildness."

"I love painting in this place, and I hope this comes across through this collection of paintings"

The exhibition opens 20 November in Dartmouth www.dart-gallery.com

Hearing the Sound of

my Belonging

Today I broke the habit of my walk

and followed on impulse

an unfamiliar path

to the hillfort in North Wood.

On the southern slope

the first of the daffodils

had opened quiet as sunlight,

a scattering of blessings

across the woodland floor.

Just this,

an unexpected scattering of flowers

in an unfamiliar wood

and I had crossed

into a new day.

My feet knew better than I the way,

how to break a habit

is to open a new world

bright with possibility.

This was not the day I had begun

it was another, already won

from certain defeat, redeemed

from the old habit that conceals

the newness in all things

the deep down freshness of the day.

An older knowing

led me here.

I had entered

the birthchamber

of the world.

So many days lost and homeless

walking on the surface of what is known.

So many days lost

but knowing the importance

of what I have found

I come home and write a poem

saying listen for the sound

of belonging,

listen for the sound

of your belonging.

Tree knows where it stands

and today I too stood

in the implicate order of things

amongst the wild daffodils

longing only for this life

for this marriage of sun and rain

in the wild garden

for this dance of joy and pain

and the sudden breaking open

of the pattern hidden deep

in the heart of the wildwood

the revelation

of belonging

to this world.

By Daverick Leggett

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