A new feminist group for Exeter

PUBLISHED: 10:13 16 July 2014 | UPDATED: 10:13 16 July 2014

Exeter Feminists holds its first meeting this month

Exeter Feminists holds its first meeting this month


The group will to campaign for gender equality and help charities in the area

Exeter is home to a new feminist group, Exeter Feminists.

The group, which aims to promote gender equality in the community, hope to help local charities and will hold regular meetings.

Exeter Feminists was created by Ellis Taylor after discovering a lack of feminist groups in the city.

Currently Fawcett Devon, which is linked to Fawcett - the UK’s largest equality campaign, hosts meetings around the county, but there was no other feminist group in the Exeter area until now.

“I have called myself a feminist for many years,” Ellis explains, who was born and raised in Exeter. “Recently I’ve wanted to meet with like-minded people who want to help make a change in our community. It was only when I started looking for a group that I realised there wasn’t really one


Exeter Feminists stress that they wish to help bring feminism up to date, educating people that it is not about female superiority but instead abolishing the gender gap.

The new group would like to bring some awareness to every day sexism whilst also supporting large campaigns and local charities.

“A lot of people have a set idea of what feminism is, and it is often assumed to be a bunch of angry women fighting for the sake of it. It’s the social side of things which we really want to tackle and bring awareness to, things like cat-calling in the street, ‘slut shaming’, victim blaming, and rape/sexist jokes” says Ellis.

The group will hold its first meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 22 July at The Oddfellows in Exeter.

For more information email Ellis on exeterfeminists@gmail.com


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