Buglife address Devon’s declining wildflower problem

PUBLISHED: 13:05 22 August 2013

Photo (c) Andrew Whitehouse

Photo (c) Andrew Whitehouse


A local project is hoping to address the problem of the UK’s declining wildflower meadows by getting the community involved.

Buglife, in partnership with The Co-operative Plan Bee campaign, has this week launched a new Community Meadow pack which they hope will inspire local people to create more wildflower meadows in their area.

It is vital that wildflowers continue to grow in this country as they provide the nectar and pollen that insects use to feed their young. In return these insects pollinate our food. Without pollinators we wouldn’t have crops such as apples, pears, plums, raspberries and strawberries.

One successful project already in place is the ‘Plymouth’s Buzzing!’ campaign. This is a two year scheme, working in partnership with Plymouth City Council, which has created five hectares of new wildflower meadow in the city. With help from people of all ages, including children from local primary schools, areas of Plymouth are now blooming.

The Brickfield Triangle is an area of the city that has been greatly enhanced by the scheme. Two years ago it was just plain grassland, but the combination of relaxing cutting regimes and mass seeding has seen a rich meadow develop. The vast variety of flowers has helped to attract bugs and insects that simply would not have been seen otherwise.

Rupert Goddard, Buglife Project Officer said: “Growing a Community Meadow is a great way to create a buzz in your local area. A meadow full of wildflower colour and the sounds of summer is a great way to bring people together to do something that can make a real difference to our wildlife.”

The partnership between Buglife and Plymouth City Council is vital to ensuring that the meadow continues to bring such diverse wildlife to the area. The fields have to be carefully managed in the appropriate way so that wildflowers grow back every year.

You can download the new Community Meadow Pack by clicking here.

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