Sun Shield had an open day!

PUBLISHED: 15:16 19 August 2011 | UPDATED: 19:52 20 February 2013

Sun Shield had an open day!

Sun Shield had an open day!

Well folks we did it! A mad dash in the last week is an understatement but we put the hours in and got everything ready for the big day.

Well folks we did it! A mad dash in the last week is an understatement but we put the hours in and got everything ready for the big day. I spent the week predominantly covered in paint and Windolene as unfortunately I am next to useless when it comes to helping with the construction side of things. We left the showroom just before midnight on the Friday and were back in again at eight ready to get the show on the road.

Exeter FM arrived and got themselves sorted and shortly after the keener of competition finalists arrived. Third and second prizes were hampers full of Devon produce from local retailer Darts Farm and 1st prize a 10,000.00 conservatory. At 10:30 our two girls Isla and Paige officially opened the showroom by pulling the orange bow on the childrens conservatory with a little help from their Dad and Grandad (three generations of the Newby family). While waiting for stragglers we tucked into tea, coffee and cake. At 11:00 sharp Exeter FMs Chris Dinnis started the ball rolling with the finalists selecting their keys and their opportunity to win one of the three prizes. Hampers were located in two of the conservatories along with flowers and bubbly in the winning conservatory.

The finalists all lined up outside of the black Lean to conservatory with Liniar bi-folding doors for the chance to win third prize, tensions were running high after the long wait for stragglers which created a nice buzz about the place. Obviously most were hoping that their key wasnt the right one for this particular prize but someone had to win it and this time the lucky lady was Sharon Smith.

Onto the next room and the next lucky winner. And another lucky lady this time and chuffed to bits with her prize too, unfortunately she arrived on a motor bike so had to pop back later to pick up her hamper.

And now for the big one and it couldnt have gone to a nicer lady!! Geraldine Matthews due to be married in August, a finalist with Exeter FM last year to win a wedding but sadly not to be, looked shocked, ecstatic and a little bit shaky when the key turned and Alex pushed open the door. All in good spirit, applause from her fellow contestants albeit with an air of disappointment as Geraldine was only the second person to attempt to open the conservatory. With a glass of bubbly to steady the nerves we whisked her off for press shots, a chat and to book in that all important first appointment.

A very deserving winner who nearly didnt show up after the competition disappointment last year, so all in all an excellent result. So, the contestants left as did our winner, along with Exeter FM, time for a quick clear up before our friends and family came along to show their support.

An excellent day for which we have so many people to thank. I will be very boring now and list them all.

My heartfelt thanks go out to: Our Suppliers - Darren Goddard & Ben Cogavin from Spectra Roofs. Mark Thomas & Steve Rose from Oxford Trade frames. Mark Norcliff of West Country Glass

Our Families - who put up with our long hours at work so that we could make the day the success it was. To Karen Jones of True Image Photography for covering the work up until opening and the special day for us. Also thank you to Tim for doing such a smashing job with the flooring. To everyone here at Sun Shield who worked so hard over the past weeks, we couldnt have done it without you. And last but not least to everyone involved from Exeter FM, for both running the competition over the last few weeks on their station and also to Chris Dinnis who presented the competition so well here on opening day.

A special thank you to everyone who made it down here on the 9th of July. Its a day I will certainly never forget and I certainly wont forget the overwhelming support weve received from you all. But for now, its back to reality.

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