Help Us Celebrate Devon's Special Hedges

PUBLISHED: 16:38 29 July 2010 | UPDATED: 17:38 20 February 2013

Help Us Celebrate Devon’s Special Hedges

Help Us Celebrate Devon’s Special Hedges

Devon not only has amazing hedges, probably the best in the world, but they come in a great variety of different shapes and forms.

Devon not only has amazing hedges, probably the best in the world, but they come in a great variety of different shapes and forms.

The Devon Hedge Group is calling people across the county to help make the first ever map showing this rich diversity.

Rob Wolton, co-chair of the Devon Hedge Group, says: We really need people from across Devon to tell us what they think makes the hedges in their area distinctive. The county is far too large for us to be able to visit every part, and besides hedges vary greatly with the season. If we get enough help, we can produce an attractive map that will celebrate Devons extraordinary hedgerow heritage for all to see, and help to ensure its still there for generations to come.

The group wants to find out what makes the hedges in each part of Devon distinctive. For example, are the banks constructed in a particular way, or do they have special shrubs growing on them? Perhaps they have unusual or striking herbs growing on the banks or margins? Are their trees of a particular type or shape?

If you can help, please complete the questionnaire at Or, if you dont have access to the internet, please contact Sally Parker or Kate Nicholls at Land Use Consultants. The consultation will run until 30 September 2010.

The map will be put on the web and made into a poster, and help to ensure that the local character of hedges is celebrated and preserved.

From the beech trees of Exmoor and granite-faced banks of Dartmoor though the elm or hazel hedges of the lowlands to the gorse and windswept trees of the coast, Devon has a remarkable range of different sorts of hedge. The Devon Hedge Map will for the first time capture this variation for all to see at a glance.

The map is being produced by the Devon Hedge Group with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Devon Hedge Group is a group of organisations and individuals interested in working together to promote the appreciation and conservation of hedges found across the county. See

Devons hedgerows are truly world class. Most of our hedgerows are ancient, many being built and planted by our ancestors a thousand years or more ago. Thats older than most of our parish churches! Through their rich and intricate patterns, they tell the story of Devons landscape and farming traditions over many centuries. They are also home to a great wealth of wildlife including threatened species like the dormouse.

For further information, please contact:

Rob Wolton, Devon Hedge Group, 01837 810416,

Sally Parker or Kate Nicholls, Land Use Consultants, 0117 9291997,

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