Dinner on Teignmouth's Saltie

PUBLISHED: 17:57 21 July 2010 | UPDATED: 17:35 20 February 2013

Dinner on Teignmouth's Saltie

Dinner on Teignmouth's Saltie

Sandie Clark tells us about her Open for Dinner event on the Saltie at low tide.

Sometimes you don't need a cast of thousands to create an epic event. Just a maverick with a vision (take Tim Smit for example with Eden), a few really good friends who are willing to listen and help you because youre you and some adventurers who are up for something different and prepared to go along with whatever is thrown upfiguratively speaking!

I remember the cold February day when I looked out at The Salty and imagined a summer candlelit dinner attended by beautiful people against the backdrop of Dartmoor with the sun setting across the shingle and the sea in the Teign river estuary. Its a magical landscape totally governed by the tide a secret under water land that only admits you on its terms. Ive always been fascinated with tides and the power of the sea and all these things combined to arouse my curiosity on how I might achieve the ultimate dinner.

Once it had taken hold, it was obvious to me that anywhere could be OPEN for Dinner and it gave rise to my website and the idea of encouraging others to live out their fantasy meals.

2010, as far as I can see, has been a year marked by the rise in gatherings where food, people, drama and fun are all key elements. Weve simply extended our natural inclinations towards eccentricity, nostalgiaand amateur dramatics to include food and, in so doing, have created our own sets (as in the theatre and film) and this year, unlike any before, its OK.

Suddenly, weve been given permission to rediscover our imaginations and act out our own scenes; exploring and experiencing all the possibilities, setting aside doubts or embarrassment. To dress up or dress down, to be quirky and individual and.to unashamedly enjoy every single soupcon of it! In a way, you could say were created our own celebrity moments.

As for my stint on The Salty, Id often wondered how I would feel afterwards. I woke up laughing as the day replayed itself and I recalled a series of the most surreal images

As for my stint on The Salty, Id often wondered how I would feel afterwards. I woke up laughing as the day replayed itself and I recalled a series of the most surreal images; Hugo and Tony trying to row equipment across with flaying oars, the cooker getting stuck on the shingle, the chef going to the wrong beach, Toby in the inflatable going round in circles with 8 bistro chairs stacked precariously, the tent crew raising our beloved 1940s marquee in the wind but, above all, I remember the expressions, the laughter and the enjoyment of the guests and how they all looked. Amazing!

We got our sunset and candlelit dinner, our champagne and the beautiful people. For those few brief hours, the world was at bay and we were the stars in our own glamorous production.

And, whilst we definitely werent a cast of thousands, I would like to thank (in true Oscar winning style) Stephen, Toby, Hugo, Tony, Bruce, Brian, Giselle, Helena, Lesley, Jan, Emily, Anne-Marie, Chris and Rob. WE DID IT!

Who wouldn't want to be amaverick when you have friends like these.........

Plusa big thank you to the RNLI who were on standby. Well, that is everyoneexcept the chief helmsman who was dining! A donation is on its way

Sandie Clark


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