Chinese people asked to find a new name for the Devon Cream Tea

PUBLISHED: 14:00 10 December 2014




A campaign aims to create new Chinese names for Dartmoor, the English Riviera and the Devon Cream Tea

Devon Cream TeaDevon Cream Tea

Stonehenge is Ju Shi Zhen and Benedict Cumberbatch is Curly Fu. Now a tourism campaign is asking people to come up with a new Chinese name for Dartmoor, the English Riviera and the Devon Cream Tea.

The VisitBritain campaign invites Chinese people to come up with the most fitting, meaningful and memorable Chinese names for 101 British places, events, and things.

In China it is popular to give Chinese names to favourite celebrities, places and foods. The three chosen Devon-based attractions were selected as being of particular interest to Chinese people, yet currently without a Chinese name.

The campaign hopes to attract more visitors from the rapidly-growing tourism Chinese market and encourage them to travel further afield around Britain. In 2013 Britain welcomed 196,000 visits from China (up 10% on 2012), which contributed £492 million to the UK’s economy (up 64% on 2012). Chinese tourists spend an average of £2,508 per visit compared to the overall average spend of £640 per visit.

Joss Croft, Marketing Director at VisitBritain said: “Naming is very popular in China and this is a fun way of getting Chinese people to think about and describe places and experiences across Britain, especially as some of the British names are difficult to translate or pronounce in Chinese. This campaign will raise the profile of Devon among Chinese consumers and drive increased visits from this valuable tourism market. We would love local communities to get behind the campaign and suggest other places and locations to rename via our hashtag #greatnames.”

The new Chinese names for Dartmoor, Agatha Christie’s English Riviera and Devon cream tea are due to be unveiled in March next year.

Visit the campaign site:

Chinese names for British things that already exist include:

Stonehenge – Ju Shi Zhen (Huge stone clusters)

Big Ben – Da Ben Zhong

Benedict Cumberbatch – Curly Fu

The Gherkin – Xiao Huang Gua (the pickled little cucumber)

Buckingham Palace – Bai Jin Han Gong (a white, gold and splendid palace)

Shakespeare – Sha Weng (Mr Sha)

Mr.Bean Han Dou (Funny beans)

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