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PUBLISHED: 09:00 18 February 2014

A Devon home which uses the Aquarea pump

A Devon home which uses the Aquarea pump


The popularity in producing your own renewable energy is on the rise, and a new system created by Panasonic is proving to be a great option

"The unit is so economical and is saving us between £600-£900 per year"

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly more appealing to many homeowners across the county. Whilst solar panels remain a popular choice, another innovative option is renewable heat pump technology such as the Panasonic Aquarea.

The compact plug and play heating system can save up to 78% on heating expenses, and is much more efficient than traditional fuel-fired boilers, gas boilers and electric heaters.

The choice to switch was taken by Debra Crome from Devon who has recently installed an Aquarea 14kW High Connectivity Heat Pump with 300 litre water cylinder in her home.

“A friend of ours was building their home from scratch and were trying to make their home as eco-friendly as possible. My husband was helping out with the project and we were very intrigued at the technology they were installing for heating.” said Debra.

The Aquarea pumpThe Aquarea pump

“We researched more about the air heat pump solution they had installed and it seemed like common sense and a fantastic solution for us.”

The family discussed their requirements with heat pump suppliers, Energy Specialists, who advised them on the best solution for their home.

A heating system which suited their needs was then designed and installed through Energy Specialist’s network of professional, MCS accredited installers.

The Panasonic Aquarea air-to-water heat pump works by making use of the inexhaustible energy found in the air. This air is then converted into power to supply hot water and heating for the home.

The variety of financial and environmental benefits provided by the heat pump appealed to Debra and her family. “It’s easy to maintain, economical, environmentally friendly – it’s the perfect solution” she explained.

With the ever increasing threat of rising fuel costs, switching to a sustainable heating source, like an air-heat pump, is proving to be a popular alternative for many home owners. Panasonic’s new heat pumps are designed in response to the demand for low consumption heating, with high efficiency and low running costs.

Debra is certainly reaping the benefits of switching: “The Aquarea system allows us to control exactly how much energy we use over the course of 12 months. The unit is so economical and is saving us between £600-£900 per year, just to do exactly what our old oil-fired system did before.”

“It’s amazing how many people we talk to who are in the same boat as we were and don’t know about this heating solution. We’re trying to convert them to what is a very economical and straightforward approach to heating your home and hot water,” concludes Debra.

Panasonic’s Aquarea is a comprehensive, versatile and cost-effective range of air-to-water heat pumps. It features heat pumps from 7 to 16 kW, single and three-phase alongside stand-alone and split-units.

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