Made in Devon: Green wood furniture

PUBLISHED: 09:30 10 September 2014

Furniture by Peter Lanyon

Furniture by Peter Lanyon


Handcrafted furniture is a thing of beauty, and green wood furniture maker Peter Lanyon has added a unique ingredient by using unseasoned wood often destined for the fire basket

Peter uses local, sustainable materialsPeter uses local, sustainable materials

Based on the edge of Dartmoor, Peter Lanyon spends his time working with green wood. For the uninitiated, this is wood that has been recently cut and has not had an opportunity to dry (season) by evaporation of the internal moisture. So what’s the attraction?

“It creates lovely natural organic shapes,” explains Peter. “Not imposing a design on the wood but working with the natural curves. It’s a deeply rewarding and satisfying process - no noise, no dust - it’s a really healthy working environment.

“I’m using local, sustainable materials which often would be destined for firewood.”

In his own designs, which feature lamps, chairs, desks and tables, Peter adds a wonderful contemporary edge to what is often seen as a purely rural and traditional craft.

Rural craft with a contemporary edgeRural craft with a contemporary edge

You can see his work online – but also find it across Devon. There are benches for the Community Orchard at Ham Woods in Plymouth, and a memorial bench at MacAndrews Field in Ivybridge to commemorate the tragic loss of life during the D-day landings of the Bedford Boys, who were stationed in the field prior to their fatal departure for Omaha Beach.

Peter also shares his skills, running courses in working with unseasoned wood.

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