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PUBLISHED: 09:00 16 February 2014

Reed Hall, Photo by James Ram

Reed Hall, Photo by James Ram

James Ram

Murder is becoming a regular occurance at Reed Hall

Reed Hall murder mysteryReed Hall murder mystery

As the familiar phrase suggests, “looks can be very deceiving”. Reed Hall is by no means an exception to this rule.

On the outside a stunning exterior hides a multitude of sins.

Dating back to 1867 when it was originally named Streatham Hall, this beautiful Italianate mansion in Exeter holds a colourful history. From military hospital during the war to a men’s hall of residence during the early 1900’s, the house has lent itself to all manner of uses in the past.

As you wander through the meticulously manicured botanical gardens, it’s very easy to be swept away to times gone by as you lose yourself in an overwhelming air of grandeur.

Reed Hall chef's eventReed Hall chef's event

Behind closed doors lies a different story. All is not as it seems. Putting to one side the glorious sweeping staircase and the stunning original features, there definitely lies an undercurrent of crime and suspicion.

Murder, be it through strangulation, bludgeoning or poison, is fast becoming part and parcel of daily life at Reed Hall.

It all started when wicked Doreen got evil with the Union Jack bunting, at the expense of a poor unsuspecting dinner guest.

Since then, things have gradually descended into chaos. Only last week, poor Oscar was found lifeless on the stairs after a deadly blow to the head with a candlestick.

After enjoying an arrival drink and mingling with fellow diners, guests are invited to be seated in the beautiful Woodbridge Restaurant.

Whilst enjoying a two course meal, actors from the outstanding Candlelight Theatre company take control of the evening.

During dinner a chilling scream can be heard from elsewhere in the house and all panic breaks loose – a body has been found!

And from this point onwards, the evil plot unfolds. Guests are invited to use their powers of deduction and help bring the evil perpetrator to justice.

As we ring out the old and ring in the new, we anticipate another year of drama. It’s full steam ahead on the murder front for 2014. Without further ado, dust off your Poirot monocle and get set to release your inner Sherlock.

Murder Mystery dinner costs £26.95 per person. For further information please visit
Murder Mystery dates for 2014: 31 January, 15 February, 9 May, 3 October, 28 November, 4, 11 and 18 December.

Bespoke murder mystery events can be arranged for large groups.

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