Purple Pig Food Fair, Saturday 8 October

PUBLISHED: 11:20 14 September 2011 | UPDATED: 19:58 20 February 2013

Fun, fresh, friendly and informal, Purple Pig Food Fair comes to the Matford Centre, Exeter on Saturday 8 October, 10am - 6pm.

Fun, fresh, friendly and informal, Purple Pig Food Fair comes to the Matford Centre, Exeter on Saturday 8 October, 10am - 6pm.

Yes, its another food fair but this one is also celebrating the City, reflecting the rich diversity of the food scene in Exeter. Lots of stalls offering the very best locally produced beef and beer, cheeses and chutneys, sausages and cider, cakes and pudddings and even pre-loved cookbooks will be there and some unusual and delectably delicious demonstrations will reflect the multi-culturism of Devons most historic centre.

First up is Mr. Abu Lashkoor and his Head Chef from Exeters oldest and most glamorous Indian restaurant, the Ganges. Abu Lashkor believes in using local so buys his meat from Pipers Farm in Cullompton and his fish from Exeter fishmonger, Fishes. He will be showing us the secrets of Mumbai street food and a flavoursome, spicy fish curry.

Gabrielle Jackson won a prize for the Best Chocolate Cake in Britain and will be demonstrating some deceptively easy and moreish chocolate recipes as well as giving us some unusual facts. Did you know bishops in France banned women from drinking hot chocolate because they thought it would make them too frisky and why chocolate really is good for you. All this to celebrate the blessed bean at the start of Chocolate Week 2011.

Janice Voces family origins are in the West Indies and she has become well known at local farmers markets selling food from the Caribbean, fragrant with coconut and spices. Her goat curry is particularly popular and Janice has goats produced specially for her at a Devon farm. In this way, she can control what her goats eat and knows they will be of finest quality.

She too is committed to buying local and her pork comes from award winning pork producer, Moonbeams Land. Beef too is sourced locally. Pineapples and bananas are grown in her conservatory although not commercially! Janice will cook Salt fish and Ackee and her Devon Goat Curry.

The Nobody Inn is a local institution, a 17th century inn set in green hills a few miles from Exeter, famous for award winning food including their free range Devon beef hung for 28 days - and the 240 whiskeys they keep in their bar. Head Chef Reza Jaberi and 2nd Chef Rudi Horvath will cook a main course and dessert in tandem, showing us just how simple and quick it can be to produce a flavoursome two course meal.

The Quicke family has been farming outside Exeter at Newton St. Cyres for over 450 years. Their famous Cheddar cheese is traditionally made, long maturing, with a complex flavour. Over the years they have developed a hard goats cheese and now are ready to introduce the new member of their family a hard sheep milk cheese which Mary Quicke says she is very pleased with as it has lost its fleeciness. Quickes will be talking about how the cheese is made and will be demonstrating cheeses dishes made with each one of their cheeses. (We hope to have a cider maker at this demo suggesting which cider should accompany each cheese)

Lloyd Maunder Butchers - been in business in the West Country for over 100 years. General Manager, David Carter and one of his butchers will do a cut and demo on a lamb carcass, then explain how to make old Devon specialities, faggots and Hogs Pudding. In the next few weeks Lloyd Maunder will be launching its West Country Breakfast range of an old recipe for Hogs Pudding, dry cured bacon and their prize winning sausages like Devon Chunky Pork.

Mill End Hotel, beautifully set within the Dartmoor National Park near Chagford, is sending along its Head Chef, Wayne who will prepare favourite items from its much acclaimed local menu.

For more information please go to www.purplepigfoodfairs.co.ukor contact Sheila Hyson info@purplepigfoodfairs.co.uk

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