Figgy's Gorgeous Christmas Puddings from Exeter, Devon

PUBLISHED: 22:48 11 December 2009 | UPDATED: 14:56 20 February 2013

Pure indulgence with Figgy's Puddings

Pure indulgence with Figgy's Puddings

If you want your Christmas pudding hand-made with luxury local ingredients, but you don't want to make it yourself, try Figgy's Puddings, an Exeter-based company offering luxury Christmas fare

Figgy's Puddings is a new Exeter-based company specialising in a particular brand of luxury fare. Proprietors Richard and Joanne Evans make their puddings to a traditional recipe which they've developed over many years of making puddings for their friends and family.

"Our Christmas puddings have always been popular with our families, mainly because we use only the finest ingredients and take time and care over their production," said Jo. "This philosophy stays with us now we're producing the puddings commercially, so that our customers can enjoy the luxury of a truly indulgent Christmas pudding."

As well as using the best vine fruits, nuts and cherries, the couple have been able to source local award-winning real ale and brandy for the puddings.

"The choice of real ale and brandy is so important in a traditional Christmas pudding," said Richard. "We've always loved the Port Stout produced by O'Hanlon's Brewery in Whimple as it gives a really rich flavour to the puddings, so it was the natural choice when we decided to produce the pudding commercially."

"We only recently discovered the Somerset Cider Brandy produced by the Somerset Distillery, but once we'd found it there was no looking back! After tasting their full range at the Tavistock Food Festival, we knew their 10-year-old cider brandy was the perfect choice for our puddings. It also goes rather well on the side too!"

The Christmas puddings are all made in ceramic bowls and are then wrapped in organic cotton pudding cloth, which allows the pudding to breathe and the flavours to mature in the traditional way. This also reduces waste, as the pudding cloth is biodegradable and the bowl reusable.

"With Christmas puddings, the old-fashioned ways are definitely the best," said Jo. "Plastic bowls and microwave ovens are the enemies of a fine Christmas pudding. Our puddings simply require gentle steaming to infuse the flavours one last time on Christmas Day - or, if you're like us, any day of the year!"

Figgy's Christmas Puddings can be ordered for delivery in time for Christmas via the website at or by telephone on (01392 459488).

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