Blueberries on Dartmoor?

PUBLISHED: 11:35 22 November 2013

Some of the Blueberry Brothers' chocolate truffles

Some of the Blueberry Brothers' chocolate truffles


Believe it or not, blueberries are actually being grown on Dartmoor, and from these little berries a business full of tasty treats and creative combinations has developed.

In 2002 brothers Nick and Toby planted 50 blueberry bushes on the three acres of land inherited from their parents, this increased to 700 bushes in 2005.

Since then, the brothers have created an inventive and individual business producing and selling various blueberry products including blueberry beer, chocolate truffles and marzipan blueberries.

All the blueberries are picked by hand, and when sold at farmers markets the brothers pick the berries fresh the day before. Most of their produce is sold at various farmers markets around the county, plus a few extra treats including blueberry muffins and gluten free blueberry brownies (a must try).

What we think:

Blueberry beer - Whilst the berries grown by the brothers are not the blueberries actually being used in this Taste of the West silver award winning brew, the beer is being brewed in Devon and tastes delicious.

Blueberry truffles - These cute boxed truffles are really rather good! And so they should be considering Nick, one of the brothers, once worked for a major confectionary company. Sold in a biodegradable box of 12, and a favourite at the Devon Life office.

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