Entrepreneur Alastair Correya seeks £47k for sunglasses business

PUBLISHED: 09:20 22 August 2013 | UPDATED: 09:20 22 August 2013


A young entrepreneur from Devon hopes people will give him £47,000 to help get his fledgling fashion brand off the ground.

Alastair Correya, 18, from Bampton, wants to fund the launch of his designer sunglasses brand Crownn using a “crowd funding” website called Indiegogo.

But he faces quite a challenge with a deadline of the end of September and just £94 pledged so far.

After leaving behind his education at Blundell’s School in Tiverton, Alastair moved to Gibraltar to pursue sailing qualifications and work on super-yachts. However, after gaining his qualifications and working for a short period of time, Alistair decided to move back to Devon to care for his ill mother. It was then that Alistair came up with the idea of Crownn.

Alastair wants Crownn to have a very British theme, hence royalty being alluded to in the name.

As he explains: “We want to be conceived as a fresh, fun, luxury brand. Our frames are going to be manufactured in the UK, which really is a rarity, unless you’re looking to buy handmade pairs which are extremely expensive.”

To keep costs low, Alastair says he will initially cut down on profit margins to ensure a competitive pricing structure. He has designed the style of the glasses to combine round lenses with wayfarer frames. These frames come in a choice of vivid and vibrant colours.

The main difficulties that Alastair has encountered, since becoming a young entrepreneur, include a lack of start up capital and not having enough money to speak to a business consultant. This is why he has turned to crowd funding website Indiegogo.

Indiegogo is an online platform, founded in 2008, upon which people can donate money to start-up businesses in return for some sort of reward. Alastair decided to use this method of fundraising because it means that he won’t have to give up any equity or take out a loan. He hopes to raise the large some of money before the end of September by promoting his initiative through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Users of Indiegogo have the option of donating various amounts of money to Crownn. Contributing between £1 and £7 will get you a handwritten ‘thank you’ from Alastair, while those who give as much as £385 will receive up to six pairs of the Crownn sunglasses.

Should Alastair be successful in raising the funds needed to put Crownn sunglasses into production, he will be running a launch event in London in October. VIP tickets for this event can be acquired by donating money via Indiegogo.

You can view Crownn’s Indiegogo page and contribute to the fund by clicking here.

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