Devon sailing chef launches a new cooking system for yachts

PUBLISHED: 12:23 15 July 2014

The Moven oven allows great food to be cooked safely aboard a yacht

The Moven oven allows great food to be cooked safely aboard a yacht


Yachtsman Graham Cowe has invented a new system for cooking aboard boats at sea

Moven inventor Graham CoweMoven inventor Graham Cowe

The Newton Ferrers-based yachtsman, chef and architectural technologist came up with the idea for a revolutionary cooking system for boats during an especially rough channel crossing aboard his 34 ft Jeanneau as he struggled to prepare a hot meal in a traditionally equipped galley.

He said: “Cooking on board while the boat is underway can be difficult at the best of times, but in bad weather it’s almost impossible. I wondered why no one had come up with a technique that was safe, fool-proof and even with the possibility of providing excellent food.”

Graham’s invention, the Moven oven, has received a UK patent and has patents pending in Europe and the USA.

During his ten years as the chef and proprietor of Bistro Ferrers, Graham mastered the technique of Sous Vide cooking, which uses the immersion of ingredients contained in vacuum sealed, zip lock or boil-proof pouches or Kilner jars in heated water to produce highly flavoured, succulent and nutritious dishes. The technique is frequently seen on many popular TV food programmes.

Graham explained: “There was no reason that the hot water chamber couldn’t be safely sealed during the cooking process. It’s a technique that works perfectly well for previously prepared, uncooked meals or heating up already cooked recipes.”

The problems of safe cooking in a small, moving space with open flames, hot ingredients in pans and a reliance on gimbals to keep things on the level, wasn’t the only thing that Graham considered. He also wondered about the source of energy to do the cooking.

“The customary options are cylinder gas cookers, which require cautious management for safety reasons, or using the vessel’s battery power, which can drain the system. I realised there was a much better way, that could harness recovered or recycled energy with no loss of cooking quality.”

Graham’s 30+ year career as an architectural technologist came into play through his experience of modern heating systems. Ecological considerations and the high cost of fuels have led to the use of sustainable and recovered energy technology in modern buildings. His knowledge of yacht galleys and the ergonomics of kitchens also made his design very compact and easy to build in to a worktop with minimal space requirement.

Although the Moven oven was developed with an eye on the leisure yacht boat market, its unique patented design and benefits will be used in other situations such as camper vans, mobile catering, as well as domestic and commercial kitchens due to its ease of use ecological and energy saving features. Learn more at

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